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Gyutan (Beef Tongue)

A serving of beef tongue grilled on a metal mesh has 1/3 the calories and 1/4 the fat of sirloin steak. It is rich in cholesterol-free protein and includes vitamin B2 and iron. At Negishi, we restrict ourselves to using just 34 percent of the beef tongue, removing its skin and tough sections. We cut the base of the tongue into nine slices, which we call “Tan-toro.” Their thickness offers a better texture for beef tongue. Enjoy them together with our popular thin-sliced “Negishi” to experience two flavors of beef tongue!


Tororo (Yamato Yams)

Yamato yams are sent directly to Negishi restaurants from their famed farmlands in Tako Town, Chiba Prefecture. The farmers grow them with passion to be yams superior in stickiness, fragrance, texture, and flavor. The yams are rich in protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and minerals. They are so full of nutrients that they are called “medicine of the mountains.” Their sticky mucin makes use of protein efficiently and imbues your skin with moisture. The digestive enzyme found in the yams, amylase, promotes the digestion and absorption of nutrients. These yams are full of healthful effects, helping you recover from fatigue, fortifying your nutrients, and stimulating your appetite.


Mugi-meshi (Barley and Rice)

Barley has plenty of vitamin B1, protein and minerals. Compared with white rice, it is rich in calcium and fiber. It moderates cholesterol and blood sugar and prevents diabetes and the hardening of arteries. With benefits including potassium’s role in preventing high blood pressure, barley is simply the ideal dietary staple for modern people. Because it is water-soluble fiber, it sates your hunger with just a small amount, making it the optimal diet food. This health food, full of fiber, is also beneficial for cleaning your intestines and preventing constipation.

Oxtail Soup

Negishi’s Special Oxtail Soup

With three times the iron of meat, this soup is effective for recovering from anemia, fatigue, and poor circulation. Collagen has a beautifying effect, of course, and helps maintain the youth and health of your hair and blood vessels.

Japanese pickles

Omizuke & Miso-nanban (pickles)

Finely sliced vegetables are pickled in a sauce that contains Omizuke. We use hot green peppers pickled in miso-nanban to provide an accent to the dish.

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